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OR Efficiencies Case Studies

Rural community hospital's surgeons terribly dissatisfied with operating room ineffi-ciencies and were organizing to develop their own surgery center.

After agreeing to give the hospital a chance to improve OR efficiencies and participating in a surgical program process redesign project, surgeons agreed that a hospital's OR can run as efficiently as an ASC and chose not to build their own.

Rural southern hospital's surgeons would not participate in developing solutions to Perioperative program improvements and were chronic complainers.

Rural southern hospital's surgeons would not participate in developing solutions to Perioperative program improvements and were chronic complainers.

Major health system wanted to relocate a cardiac surgery program from one hospital to another creating great political and financial issues among the anesthesiology group practices at each hospital.

The consulting team mediated the situation; developed sound financial models; resolved political and financial differences between the group practices and administration.

Northern California tertiary level medical center was undergoing chaos in the surgery and anesthesiology programs.

The consulting team was called in to evaluate the situation; perform a SWAT analysis; develop recommendations to stabilize and then enhance the program. After conducting a four day on-site analysis, the consulting team brought administration recommendations that were quickly implemented and put the program back on track.

Major Pennsylvania medical center's administration and department of anesthesiology were at odds with regard to anesthesiology staffing required for the program; ability to effectively interpret information; develop an anesthesiology contract; reconcile appropriate stipends for anesthesiology services.

The Consultant educated administration to the existing environment in anesthesiology; educated the anesthesiology practice regarding ways to do business better; developed more efficient staffing models; revised OR scheduling policies and procedures resulting in improved OR and anesthesiology utilization levels; reconciled the required stipend required; assisted parties to agree on effective anesthesiology contract terms.

Small community hospital lacked an OR information system as well as funding to acquire one. Complete and accurate information to manage the surgery program was lacking and administration was held hostage to the demands of surgeons.

After the Consultant conducted a SWAT analysis of the program, collected and analyzed data and developed a system of surgery program dash-board indicators the program was turned around; data was available to manage with and guide the program's success. The Consultant runs data and information management reports for the hospital on a monthly basis.

Mid-size rural community hospital medical staff leadership was very ceremonial in nature and very well-intended but lacked leadership skills.

The Consultant mentored department chairs to grow in their leadership skills and enabled them to develop cohesion among peers and move programs forward in collaboration with administration.