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Management Solutions

OR Efficiencies Provides Comprehensive Surgery Consulting Services

Surgical Business Assessment

A strategic assessment reviews the key components of your surgical program including strategic positioning and planning, surgeon satisfaction, operational programs and systems, and expense management. As a result of the assessment a hospital is able to pinpoint marketplace position, understand opportunities and risks, align clinical and administrative leadership and establish goals and strategies to improve operations, manage and reduce expenses, and expand business.

Surgical Program Benchmarking

The firm’s comprehensive database compares performance, labor and material costs for major program areas. On-staff surgical consultants and benchmark data experts provide “apples-to-apples” comparisons to programs of similar size and scope of services. Dash-board indicators are developed to help you measure ongoing performance, reduce costs and increase surgical volume.

Services Offered By OR Efficiencies


OR Business Planning

Regardless of how successful a hospital is, a savvy administrative team doesn't take success for granted. Hospital executives realize surgeries are the financial engine driving a hospital, and surgical healthcare market success results from efficient, client-centered programs and ongoing business planning.


Succession Planning

OR Efficiencies provides the tools and assistance to plan the management succession for your operating room. Our process identifies key roles, the management capabilities of existing staff, and cultivates qualified internal candidates to lead tomorrow's perioperative environment.


Change Management

As a healthcare executive you want to take your hospital and its surgical program to the next level. To do this, the administrative team, program directors and physician leadership (surgical and anesthesiology department chairs) must be capable of supporting and sustaining necessary change.


Interim Management

Interim directors provide stable management for hospitals recently experiencing leadership turnover or recognize the need to support and mentor the current or potential director. In addition, an Operational Program can be performed to identify opportunities for imporvement.


OR Design Assistance

The design of a perioperative facility can either contribute to operating room efficiency or challenge the cost-effective delivery of surgical care. A well-designed operating room suite requires emphasis on patient, material, and staffing flows as well as the integration of support resources.


Anesthesiology Program

A hospital’s anesthesiology program is a paramount support service. Hospital administration recognizes that "Surgery" is the "Financial Engine Powering a Hospital" and that long term success in the surgical healthcare market will result from provision of efficient, client-centered operational programs.


Ambulatory Surgery

On average at least seventy percent of outpatients are healthy ASA class I&II patients and are candidates to have their procedures performed in Ambulatory Surgery Centers. Today, surgery is performed in surgery centers on some ASA III patients depending on the procedure and facility.


Physician Leadership

OR Efficiencies brings clients identified opportunities to make program change and assists in implementing successful change. If a hospital's leadership team isn't able to sustain change, programs will regress after consultants leave regardless of the capabilities & successes of the consultant.


Physician Recruitment

Most hospitals’ centers of excellence are founded on orthopedic, cardiac, neurosurgery and oncology / oncological surgery and wellness programs. Further, a correct balance of highly trained medical specialists, with confidence in a hospital’ surgical staff, is required to generate referrals to surgeons.


OR Surgical Systems

Data and the effective conversion of data into useful information is critical guiding fact-based decisions; to minimize or eliminate internal politics as a factor influencing decisions. The OR Efficiencies team possesses one of the most extensive data-base resources in the industry.


Materials Management

In-depth analysis of Operating Room Materials Management processes to identify opportunities for both cost effectiveness and increased support to the overall surgery program. Improved hospital materials management begins with OR Efficiencies. Contact OR Efficiencies today to discuss your OR needs.