Nancy DeNiro, RN

Surgery Management Solutions from OR Efficiencies

Clinical Director – Endoscopy Programs

Nancy DeNiro’s career in nursing spans nearly twenty-seven years; she has been a certified gastroenterology registered nurse since 1986. During her career she has developed sizeable experience and expertise in endoscopy program management, design, and development. Her experiences include hospital-based programs as well as developing and managing multi-site endoscopy center programs.

Nancy’s consulting experiences have included the design of new centers; assisting centers to maintain Department of Health and Medicare compliance and certification; assisting clients to improve program efficiencies; assisting clients to develop hospital-physician joint ventures.

Her strengths have been identified as being an effective communicator; a leader of peers; a teacher with patience; a manager possessing skill in developing program efficiencies, financial management, negotiating optimal contract terms and being able to effectively implement change.

DeNiro has been a board member and officer of the Society of Gastroenterology Nurses since 1995 and is a frequent presenter at the Society’s conferences; she was voted Professional Woman of the Year by the Colorado Federation of Specialty Nursing Organizations.